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Fern G. Z. Carr


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FERN G. Z. CARR is a former lawyer, teacher and past President of both the local branch of the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society. She is a Full Member of the League of Canadian Poets and has served as the League's Poet-in-Residence mentoring young writers.

A Pushcart Prize nominee, Carr composes and translates poetry in six languages including Mandarin. She has been published extensively worldwide from Finland to Mauritius.

Honours include: having been cited as a contributor to India's Prakalpana Literary Movement as well as having had her work taught at West Viriginia University, set to music and performed by a Juno-nominated musician, plus an online feature in The Globe and Mail.

Fern's poem, “I Am”, was chosen by the Parliamentary Poet Laureate as Poem of the Month for Canada. Her poetry collection, Shards of Crystal, was published by Silver Bow Publishing in Nov. 2018 and is available on Amazon. This book was recently spotlighted by Poetry Super Highway - a prominent Los Angeles poetry website - as their PSH Bookstore Featured Selection.

She was delighted to be chosen as the solo performer for her poetry reading at the Rotary Centre for the Arts Mary Irwin Theatre - a beautiful venue which seats 326 people - and was humbled to have had her session (along with her photo) displayed downtown on a large outdoor digital reader board advertising all of her events.

In addition to several readings of her poetry, two are of particular note. Fern has done these readings in Mandarin (Chinese dialect) after having been invited to perform for Chinese New Year 2020 and Spring Lantern Festival 2020.

Carr's greatest honour though, is to have one of her poems currently orbiting the planet Mars aboard NASA’S MAVEN spacecraft.

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