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List of Committees + Committee Mandates

Programing Committee

Key Mandate

  • To oversee programming of the organization
  • To bring forward ideas and suggestions for new programming
  • To ensure reporting is completed for all programming
  • To generate annual survey questions

Fund Development Committee

Key Mandate

  • To seek funding opportunities
  • To build an endowment or similar fund for the organization
  • To bring opportunities forward to the executive director as they arise within a reasonable timeframe
  • To prepare initial answers to fund questions where possible

Membership Engagement Committee

Key Mandate 
  • To engage membership on their needs through a membership survey 
  • To assist communication staff to reach out to members whose renewal is approaching
  • To seek new members by promoting the organization and its goals to the general public
  • To seek letters of support for projects

Sunshine Committee

Key Mandate 

  • To build community within the Federation
  • To engage members on important life events
  • To share writer successes on social media
  • To seek opportunities to bring more fun and energy into our organization

Editorial Committee/Board

Key Mandate

  • To provide guidance on editorial direction for WordWorks Magazine
  • To bring forward suggestions for articles, themes, and writers
  • To provide a set of eyes for additional proofreading from time to time 
  • To be a champion of the magazine and to signal boost its online and print promotion

Conferences Committee

Key Mandate

  • To plan the annual Spring Writes conference 
  • To liaise on micro-conferences
  • To engage speakers and bring forward speaker suggestions
  • To greet guests and be involved in day-of conference activities

Contest Committee

Key Mandate

  • To plan all annual contests
  • To monitor Submittable and download information for judges and readers
  • To connect with judges and readers for an event and provide judges and readers with guidelines
  • To ensure entries are shared with appropriate parties and that the integrity of the process is guaranteed

Area Representative Committee

Key Mandate

  • To share information to your local area in the form of newsletters
  • To signal boost content for the Federation on social media
  • To serve as a liaison with local writers, supporters, and partners
  • To run Spotlight programming from communities in your area

Publication Committee

Key Mandate

  • To provide guidance on the overall publishing direction of the federation including developing new publishing options
  • To seek opportunities to link publication to programming
  • To assist in cost analysis
  • To network with partners to better produce our materials

Code of Conduct for COMMITTEEs


  • The purpose of committees is to advance the goals of the organization, not the individual interests of members
Access to information
  • All information shared with the committee is to remain confidential
  • Any contact information gained for the purpose of conducting committee business is to be used only for that purposes. o Mailing lists may not be used for personal communications
  • All committees are required to pass a 1-page report prepared by the chair of the committee to be presented to the annual general meeting on key tasks accomplished through out the year and goals for the next year
  • All committees have a standing mandate to ensure that marginalized voices are respected
  • The committee will update the board on information as appropriate at least twice a year o The committee, in day to day operations reports to the Executive Director
Safety and Committee Composition
  • All members of the committee are equal and valuable
  • Any member in good standing may serve on a committee
  • The committees will ensure that all participants are aware of and follow organization policy and procedures with special attention to anti-bullying and harassment policy

About Committee Work

  • Our committees are vital to ensuring staff and board members can accomplish the goals of the organization
  • Committees represent a commitment of a minimum of  2 hours per month
  • Ad-Hoc committees may be created as needs arise
  • Each committee may choose to operate as feels appropriate to the members in the context of the day to day operations of the committee.
  • Committees should use a doodle poll or similar mechanism to make meetings as accessible as possible.
  • Committee chairs will be appointed by approved by the board with considerations from committee members.
  • Committee Chairs will be assessed based on demonstrated and stated skillsets
  • The Chair will present a list of skills/knowledge-sets to the board that will guide member appointments to the committee

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