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28 May 2020 9:53 AM | Doni Eve

The Federation of British Columbia Writers (FBCW) promotes excellence, diversity, inclusion and professionalism in the literary arts in British Columbia (BC) through education and advocacy and by encouraging publication of literary works in all genres. To accomplish this, the FBCW provides information on markets and workshops; connects writers with other skilled writers who can perform services such as manuscript evaluation and mentoring; sponsors readings, workshops and seminars to give writers exposure and to help them hone their craft; helps writers stay informed on the changing publishing environment; encourages recognition of BC writers and their achievements regionally and nationally; provides information on the province s literary resources; works cooperatively with provincial and federal agencies and organizations concerned with writing and writing standards; encourages and supports young and emerging writers in BC; actively celebrates Indigenous culture and engages with underrepresented communities in BC to promote writing.

The FBCW was originally founded in 1976 as The Federated Association of British Columbia Authors by a group of Vancouver writers to answer the need of writers in the province on a grass roots level and to provide more of a western perspective and incorporated as a registered non-profit society, under its current name, in 1982. The FBCW is the only registered society dedicated to serving and representing professional and emerging writers in BC with a membership of approximately 800 individuals.

We are seeking a dynamic individual for a part-time, contract position as Executive Director. This is a work-from-home opportunity where you provide your own office equipment (computer, wifi access, telephone, workspace) and determine your hours. As our membership spans the entire province of BC as well as the Yukon, applicants from any community in BC or Yukon are encouraged to apply.                

Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors for efficient and effective operations of the FBCW programs, projects, and events, meeting objectives outlined in the annual strategic plan. The Executive Director supports inclusive and accessible growth both within the FBCW and the broader writing community.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of an annual operations plan to carry out and achieve the FBCW’s strategic objectives, and any action the Board determines necessary, including development and administration of a budget to carry out operations.
  • Develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan, including seeking and obtaining grants and funding opportunities to support projects and programs identified in the operations plan.
  • Oversee management and operations of all administrative functions of the FBCW including:
    • Financial transactions and records
    • Records management
    • Membership relations and administration, including membership software
    • Reporting in compliance with grant funding agency and government requirements
  • Recruit, supervise, direct and support staff, contractors, and volunteers engaged to assist with or carry out FBCW operations; provide for training as required and evaluate performance.
  • Oversee effective communications, marketing and promotion of all FBCW programs, projects and events, including ensuring maintenance, operation, and coordinated updates and content via WriteOn newsletter, website, blog, social media channels, and emails to members, the media, the broader literary community and the public at large.
  • Ensure compliance to standards per all government legislation, regulations, and guidelines pertinent to the organization’s role as an employer, contractor of service, and non-profit agency.
  • Review and develop policies and procedures and recommend to the Board changes that would improve the organization.
  • Support Board and membership meetings, including regular Board of Director meetings and the Annual General Meetings, which involves:
    • Organizing meetings (scheduling through Zoom or booking location), with appropriate notice to participants
    • Coordinating and distributing meeting materials
    • Monitoring follow up on action items and implementation of Motions.
  • Support Board of Directors by providing relevant information, including financial risks and opportunities. Works with the Board on governance policy issues by providing support and by implementing approved recommendations for action.
  • Carries out a high level of public relations within and participates in the related literary and cultural world where the FBCW is mandated to serve.

Skills and Experience:

  • Worked with writers and/or authors and/or other cultural spaces/organizations
  • Prior leadership in non-profit organization, social enterprise, or social service
  • Connections with other social or cultural organizations
  • Written grants, managed budgets
  • Created and implemented strategic and/or business plans
  • Familiar with project and program design, planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Commitment to ongoing learning and personal growth in self, and nurturing this in others
  • Prioritizes well-being and productive boundaries within the work, and encourages an atmosphere of collective resilience and long-term personal sustainability
  • Intercultural fluency and/or cultural safety training
  • Able to communicate effectively with diverse audiences (e.g. youth, older adults, artists/authors, provincial and national organizations, funders)
  • Proficiency in use and best practices for technology uses (Google Suite, Slack, social media, etc).
  • Additional skills and assets:
    • Collaborative and trusting in team members
    • Decisive, able to delegate, and adaptive
    • Systems thinker who considers future trends and opportunities  
    • People-oriented, empathic leader defined by openness and curiosity
    • Sophisticated and compassionate in conflict management processes

Structure and Compensation:

Hours of work will not exceed 70 hours per month. Hours are flexible and self-determined. Remuneration is a flat rate of $2,000/month. Performance, hours of work, and remuneration will be reviewed at a minimum frequency of once every 12 months. The initial contract will be for one year, renewable upon mutual agreement. Fee and hours of work will be reviewed annually as part of the budget process, and increases are subject to securing sufficient funding for the organization.

To Apply:

Interested individuals are asked to please send their resume to by Thursday, June 4th. 

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