We’ve got our web wrenches out

One of the priorities of the Board is to improve the look and performance of the Federation of BC Writers’ web site. That’s going to happen in two parallel processes: over the longer term a report will be submitted to the Board, recommending a future vision for the site; in the meantime, there are some improvements that need to be carried out right away.

We’re onto both parts of that strategy, and will be keeping you informed as we go. Deb Clay and I will be managing this process – with thanks to those, George Opacic in particular – who have kept the site up and running by investing countless volunteer hours and who are still helping as we renovate. is Board Liaison.

We invite you to get involved. The front page of our site needed some immediate attention. So we’ve designed a new one and plan to make it live this Friday, July 4. The page is newsier, with shorter items linked to full stories, usually posted as blog entries. It also has more graphics to guide people to points of interest. The menu system had already been reorganized to make navigation easier. We’ve also posted a prominent “Join/Renew” button at the top right of the page because we want to bring on new members and retain your membership.

Please have a look  and  what you think of the new look we want to greet visitors with. We all know the Fed is a great organization; it’s important that people coming through our virtual front door get a sense of just how dynamic and exciting it is to belong to this community. Thanks

Craig Spence
Communications Officer

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