We’re 500 strong & growing

Membership in the Federation of BC Writers has topped 500

A week remains in the Fed’s Winter Membership Drive, which has already topped expectations and helped boost membership over 500. Of course we’re glad to see writers joining other writers in BC’s provincial association, and hope others will take advantage of the reduced rates available until Feb. 7, but this isn’t just about numbers.

We’re a community. Think of the Fed as a network, whose shared talents, skills and perspectives become a common stock. Our focus is not only on serving individual members; more deeply it’s on harnessing the power of members contributing to a ‘community of writers.’

Every milestone is worth celebrating; we see every member as a potential client and contributor. If you are a member, pass along the word to any fellow writers you know, who could benefit by being a member; if you’re not a member, it’s a good time to take advantage of the reduced rates available in the Winter Membership Drive – join now?

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