Ursula Banke

UBanke Book Launch Photo 2015Ursula Banke – Artist & Storyteller

Born in Germany, raised in Ontario, Ursula Banke was 12-years-old when she first heard the fortune-teller’s prediction. Seeking that promise led her to the west coast of Canada, where she created her own Robinson Crusoe lifestyle – as an off-grid homesteader on Beck Island with her husband and two children.

Banke wrote the story about their uniquely lived life; including all the high adventure of island living: from idyllic family boat trips to Crazy Eagle Bay; to the perils of wild animal encounters, chimney fires, danger trees and hurricane force storms.  

In the fall of 2015, Ursula self-published her first book, Once in a Lifetime. This creative memoir is narrated by the omniscient presence of her grandmother, Iffi, who died long before Banke was born, but with whom she formed a relationship through the process of the writing. Banke, now a grandmother herself, penned the memoir to create a legacy for her own grandchildren.

Banke admits, “For us… I think it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Beck Island was the place where we found the freedom to grow creatively and realize our dreams.”


Website: http://www.ursulabanke.com/


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