Water Window Mirror

“How does a poet describe a state in which her senses can’t be trusted, when everything she sees and hears may be unreal? In these spare, unsettling poems, moving seamlessly between terror and unexpected beauty, Gloria Barkley draws us into that fractured, hallucinatory world. Line by line in stark, fragmented imagery she strips the experience to the bone.”

—Eileen Kernaghan
Tales from the Holograph Woods

But was it mental illness? After more than two decades the answer came: Gloria’s body was profoundly reacting to the foods she ate and the chemicals added to them.

Water Window Mirror, poems by Gloria Barkley, Published by Wattle and Daub Books, West Vancouver, BC

Website:   www.gloriabarkley.ca

Published by
Wattle and Daub Books
West Vancouver, BC

The Ring: Memories of a Metis Grandmother

The Ring: Memories of a Metis Grandmother, the pioneer love story of Jane and Sam Livingston, the first settlers in Calgary

Who’d have thought that this life story which spans 300 years of Canadian (and American) history and is now launched on Kindle Direct as an e-book, begins with an orphan gibbon ape in Lyn ‘s grade six classroom!
“It would make a wonderful feature film or documentary,” says the book editor of the Calgary Herald. “And Paul Gross (Passchendale) should be its star.” So buy it for your e-reader at the bargain promo price of $3 and start your screen play!
You’ll get goose bumps when you imagine the scene where two halves of a picture reunite a long lost brother with the sister who’s been searching for him for 64 years. So fellow fed writers, go for it!

Lyn Hancock


Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You
A hand-printed and hand-bound book project combining letterpress and etchings that illustrate original poetry about Vancouver.
This is a new (instant rare) book of my poems and Sigrid Albert’s etchings!

Child To Chef

A Tasty Launch
By Chef Eric Arrouzé
December 11 at 4pm

Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House

1391 Richards St., Vancouver