The Fed’s self-publishing ‘convergence’

‘Convergence’ isn’t a word we get to use too often. Especially not in the 21st Century, when the world is refracted and distracted through an ever increasing array of multi-media channels, carrying a burgeoning torrent of news and views.

But a convergence of sorts is exactly what’s happening for the Federation of BC Writers in its Self-Publishing portfolio. We’ve got a Self-Publishing Conference coming up in Nanaimo Jan. 24 at the Unitarian Fellowship, 1-595 Townsite Road; next day Martin Crosbie – a truly accomplished indie author, who delivers a really inspiring workshop – will be sharing his insights with fellow writers at Beecher Place in Crescent Beach; Then on Feb. 28 we will be repeating our successful Self-Publishing Fair at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library.

It’s no coincidence Self-Publishing has come up huge on our radar screen. It’s big on everybody’s screen. But right now we’re like a bunch of air traffic controllers without a runway to offer because the damn landings strip hasn’t even been built yet. Which leaves a lot of people up in the wild blue, desperately seeking directions.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of overstatement. But as an association dedicated to BC’s ‘community of writers,’ self-publishing has got to play an increasingly important role in our programs and services. It’s one thing to have new technologies available to us that make it easier to get our work out to readers; another to use that technology intelligently, ensuring what we put ‘out there’ is high quality, inspiring literature that reaches the people we want to, at a price they can afford.

Convergence is all about bringing people and their ideas together, and emerging from the exchange with a bigger, better idea than we went into it with as individuals and organizations. We hope you will attend our self-publishing events in the coming months, and that you will share your ideas with us, if you do… or even if you don’t. Because when you get right down to it, the Fed is an organization that thrives on the most important convergence of all – the exchange of hopes, dreams and inspiring stories as told by its members.

Oh, and that is me pictured above, reading to my best friend Sophie, from my conventionally published Young Adult novel Einstein Dog.

Craig Spence
Interim Executive Director
The Federation of BC Writers

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