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Sandy Shreve’s new book of poems, Waiting for the Albatross, is forthcoming from Oolichan Press in fall 2014. Her four previous poetry collections, include Suddenly, So Much (Exile Editions, 2005) and Belonging (Sono Nis Press, 1997). Recent work has appeared in her chapbooks, Cedar Cottage Suite (Leaf Press, 2010) and Level Crossing (The Alfred Gustav Press, 2012).

She co-edited, with Kate Braid, the anthology In Fine Form – The Canadian Book of Form Poetry (Polestar, 2005), edited Working For A Living, a collection of poems and stories by women about their work (Room of One’s Own, 1988) and founded BC’s Poetry in Transit program. Her work is widely anthologized and has won the Earle Birney Prize for Poetry and been short listed for several prizes, including the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award and the National Magazine Awards for poetry.

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Latest Publication
Suddenly, So Much (Exile Editions, 2005)

Suddenly, So Much

“Ritual, precision, wildness, wonder—these are the means by which Sandy Shreve finds new power in her fourth collection of poems, Suddenly, So Much. Improvising upon the ‘measured step’ of forms such as the pantoum, triolet and sonnet, and techniques such as deep indentation in “Footsteps,” … she creates time-shifting, wonder-inducing effects. … Suddenly, So Much testifies to the new power afforded the poet when she plays within the traditions of form and craft. The result is a collection to read, study and savour. “– Leslie Timmins, The Danforth Review

Previous Publications
Belonging (Sono Nis Press, 1997)

“There is not a poem in this fine book that fails to move me. The book is called Belonging, but it is the ‘longing’ part of that word I feel here most – the sense of a lost past that frays away, ‘one thread at a time.’ But Shreve’s past is no sentimental abstraction – it is peopled with parents, with great aunts, with the fascinating woman Emma who was also the man Franklin, with the poet’s sister who had cerebral palsy. Their stories do not “grab for heroics,” and they compel our interest for just that reason. Articulate and beautiful, the voices in these poems are ones you will be glad to have heard.” – Leona Gom


Bewildered Rituals (Polestar Press, 1992)

“… a lucid and intelligent book of poems. The author blends events from her private life with concerns about major social issues in a skillful melding of micro- and macrocosm. … The skill, the lucidity, and the emotional power of this book make me think that she has returned to most of the poems ‘again and again.’” – Don Precosky Event


The Speed of the Wheel Is Up to the Potter (Quarry Press, 1990)

“Shreve writes with a reverence for women’s jobs . . . to Shreve, the office is a stage where she executes bravura performances.” – Women’s Education

“Her first collection of poems from the workaday world is rooted in the common grind and an uncommon eye for what gives it significance. This verse is sensitive, clean and strong.” – The Ottawa Citizen


In Fine Form – The Canadian Book of Form Poetry (co-edited, with Kate Braid; Polestar/Raincoast, 2005)

In Fine Form

In Fine Form

In Fine Form “…a groundbreaking anthology of Canadian form poetry …the book serves as a call to arms, a rallying cry for an embrace of formal poetics …a paradigm shift” – Robert J. Wiersema, Quill and Quire

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