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This page will help Federation of BC Writers members build basic profiles for sharing on the FBCW web site. The hosted pages will be linked from the Fed’s Members’ Index PageYou can go as quickly or take as long as you want completing your profile, but to get the best results make this a thoughtful exercise. If you have ANY questions please contact 

Step One – Familiarize yourself with the basic profile
Have a look at Craig’s profile to get an idea how the information you are providing will look when a visitor clicks your name in the Members’ Index.

Step Two – Gather on your computer the Profile Information you want to provide
The Basic Writer’s Profile submission form lower down on this page calls for three attachments (one ‘Required’, two ‘Optional’). Save your files to a location you can easily find when you are asked to upload them. You will be asked for:

A Biography (Required) – This can be as short as you want or up to 200 words. It’s an opportunity for you to introduce yourself. Information in your bio can be more about who you are than what you do as a writer. Create and save your Bio document in doc, docx, rtf or txt formated files only.

A digital portrait of yourself (Optional) – Provide a JPG formatted image (recommended file size 200kb). Profile images are cropped to 200 pixels (about 3 inches) wide by 250 pixels (3.5 inches) high. Contact Craig if you have any questions.

Information about your published (including self-published) works, categories & genres*, awards, services and workshops  (Optional) – You can provide as much or as little information as you wish about your writing activities and services. The suggested headings above will give visitors to the Federation of BC Writers site a good overview and will be searchable from the FBCW index page. Create and save a document (doc, docx, rtf or txt files only) that tells people about your works and services, then save it to a location you can easily find on your computer.

* See a list of categories and genres that will be searchable by visitors to the Fed’s members’ index. Current genre categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s writing, screenplay writing, play writing, song writing. Current service categories: workshop presenter, speaker, reader, editing, writing services, judge.

Step Three – Complete the Basic Writer’s Profile Form below (or if you prefer – be sure to include information requested and to attach your files).  Please note that profiles are not immediately posted. 

First Name:*
Last Name:*
This submission is for:*
Please indicate contact information you want included in your Writer's Pofile:*

Writer's Profile Attachments
Attach files as indicated below to complete your profile. If you are updating your profile, resubmit and replace the entire section you want to change; existing information will be entrely overwritten. Contact Craig if you have any questions or if you are having trouble attaching files send them by email to communications@bcwriters.ca.

Attach your 200 word Biography (docx, doc, rtf or txt formats only):*
Attach your Portrait Image (jpg file format only, 200 kb file size recommended):
Attach a description of your published works, services and workshops (doc, docx, rtf or txt files only):

Before You Hit Submit

Please ensure all the files needed to complete your member profile are included, and that the information you are providing is accurate.

Word Verification:

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