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RUTH KOZAK is a Canadian historical fiction writer and travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. She publishes regularly in print and on-line travel magazines and is currently working on an e-book guide of Athens for a US publisher. A frequent traveler she has lived several years in Greece and visits there regularly. She edits and publishes a travel e-zine TRAVEL THRU HISTORY

Her first historical fiction novel, SHADOW OF THE LION about the fall of Alexander the Great’s dynasty, was extensively researched in Greece and Asia Minor with the support of Classical scholars, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Society of Macedonian Studies (Thessaloniki), the Finnish Institute in Athens, the Norwegian Institute of Athens and with further research undertaken in the Gennadius Library and the British Library in Athens.

SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON is Volume One of an epic story set in the aftermath of the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and the bloody Wars of Succession which follows. Complete with all the ingredients of a Greek tragedy, SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON’s remarkable story, driven by blood, lust, fierce loyalty, blind ambition and power, not only happens to be true, but possesses the hallmarks of being hailed as a literary classic of its genre!

Published in UK by Media Aria- CDM Publishers. will appear in two volumes, Volume 1 SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON is now available on and soon in bookstores. Volume 2 subtitled ‘The Fields of Hades will be published in 2016.

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Ruth recently joined a travel writer’s delegation to Egypt and was thrilled to visit Alexandria, one of the settings in her novel.


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various other publications including the Globe&Mail, Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers.


I instruct workshops at WAVES Writers (New West.); Champlain Heights CC; Brock House; VSB Continuing Ed; New Westminster Continuing Ed. and a writing/coaching in-home workshop

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