Pat Dobie

1876 E 36 Ave, Vancouver, V5P 1C8

Pat Dobie is a professional editor whose experience includes literary fiction, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, young adult and middle grade fiction, erotica and romance, as well as memoirs, short stories and plays.

 Manuscript Evaluation:
A close reading and detailed critique of your manuscript that gives you Pat’s unvarnished opinion in terrifying detail. An editorial letter addresses structure, plot, and pacing, characterization and point of view, scene dynamics and dialogue, setting and description. Pat will identify what’s working and suggest how to fix what isn’t, in an itemized revision plan.

Comprehensive Edit:
The whole nine yards: substantive, developmental, stylistic and line edits on your manuscript. A thorough line edit addresses tangled passages, redundancies, awkwardness and other prose issues. Numerous comments throughout the text give you Pat’s readerly reaction and let you know what’s working and what needs improved. In a detailed editorial letter she addresses structural issues, suggests improvements to characterization, pacing and scene dynamics, addresses additional ways to tighten and clarify your prose, and lays out a step-by-step revision plan to help you take it from there.

Writing Workshop:
Pat co-runs Full Circle, an intensive five-session workshop in East Vancouver that helps writers take a new or “stuck” project from start to finish and includes a partial professional edit of the work.

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