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I have over 30 years of experience as a successful businesswoman having worked as an administrator, marketer, entrepreneur, manager and translator. My forte has been to provide high-quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner. I am a solution-oriented professional with proven decision-making skills and a penchant for details and continual excellence in all endeavours. Recently, I embarked a writing career which resulted in the publishing of my first novel in mid-2012. My writing style stems from a keen imagination and is characterized by vivid descriptions, rich characters and detailed observations.

Since 2005, I have written six French-language plays and musical comedies targeted for children. Additionally, I have provided the costumes, make-up, props and set decor for the staging of the plays. All six plays were successfully performed by children in France.
In late 2009, I began writing a fictional French novel about the aboriginal people living on the banks of the Harrison River in British Columbia in the late 19th century. Within my story, I also integrated the legendary Sasquatch – a mysterious creature which has been reportedly sighted around Harrison Hot Springs. After almost three years of extensive research and writing, my book was published in 2012 under the title of “Mystery Valley ou Le secret du peuple de la rivière

To date, the highlights of my book writing career include the following:

  • Published by Les Éditions L’Harmattan in Paris, France in July 2012;
  • Featured in several book-related interviews:
  • Promotional L’Harmattan video in Paris, France (August 2012)*
  • Radio interview by CBC/Radio-Canada in Vancouver (November 2012)*
  • Web interview by Radio-Canada International (March 2013)*
  • Television interview by CBC/Radio-Canada filmed in Langley (April 2013)*
  • Conducted a literary meeting at L’Alliance Française in Vancouver (June 2013)*
  • Held a townhall ‘Rencontre littéraire’ in France (August 2013)*
  • Created a website for my first novel:
    (* audio-visual clips of all interviews/meetings can be found on website)
  • Held a book-related interview with Radio-Canada in Vancouver (Nov 2014)
  • Published in English by Ekstasis Editions in Victoria, Canada, November 2015
  • Promotional article in the Langley Times (May 2016)
  • Participation in the Sasquatch Days event in Harrison Hot Springs (June 2015)


Translation par Excellence Langley
English-French translation services                                   April 2000 – Present

As a native French speaker with extensive translation experience, I created my own company to provide translation services to commercial clients. In 2003, I received the Derek East Award for Business Excellence (Entrepreneur of the Year). Additionally, I provide French language tutoring for students of various ages.


Seasun Sales Corp. – Vancouver
Owner of a wholesale clothing company                        May 1986 – March 2000

I created my own manufacturing and wholesale clothing company. The garments were sold under my private label to boutiques, fashion stores and sports shops throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

CdF International – Vancouver
Assistant Manager                                                                     April 1980 – April 1986

I provided bilingual administrative and services for a national French mining company with coal mine investments in northeastern British Columbia. My duties included participation in several coal shows in Canada, United States and France.

MYSTERY VALLEY (en Français)
Mystery Valley ou le secret du peuple de la rivière est une histoire captivante qui se déroule vers la fin du xixe siècle au cœur d’une tribu indienne qui vit sur les berges de la rivière Harrison, en Colombie-Britannique dans l’Ouest canadien.

Luyana, la doyenne de la tribu, découvre une créature énigmatique et légendaire cachée dans les herbes douces près de la rivière. Elle l’élèvera secrètement, et au fil du temps, des liens très forts se tisseront entre les deux êtres. Leur destin sera profondément marqué par l’arrivée d’intrus qui menaceront de détruire la sérénité et l’harmonie de la tribu. Mystery Valley ou le secret du peuple de la rivière nous entraîne dans un voyage surnaturel, rempli de découvertes multiples, de rebondissements et de révélations.

Dans ce roman s’exprime l’enchantement de l’auteur face à la beauté naturelle de la Colombie-Britannique et sa fascination pour la culture aborigène et l’art autochtone.

L’auteur : Nicole Dargère est originaire de La Tour de Salvagny, une commune située près de Lyon. Très attachée à son pays natal, elle vit aujourd’hui en Colombie-Britannique, au Canada, où elle partage son temps entre la traduction et le tutorat.

More about:
The Secret of The River People

        Mystery Valley or Le Secret of the River People is a captivating tale of love, legend and reconciliation set in the late nineteenth century amidst a close-knit First Nations community in south-western British Columbia. Luyana, the matriarch of the tribe discovers a baby sasquatch abandoned in the tall grasses on the banks of the Harrison River. Luyana becomes the creature’s secret guardian and teacher.

As the story unfolds, Luyana reveals her protégé to the members of her tribe who welcome him as their brother. Intruders from afar threaten to destroy the legendary creature’s relatives in Mystery Valley and shatter the orderly ways of a peaceful people living in harmony with nature. Mystery Valley takes you along a mysterious journey filled with discovery, enlightenment and revelation.

The author’s novel reflects her enchantment with the supernatural beauty of British Columbia and her fascination with aboriginal culture and native art. She is a keen observer of her surroundings and displays an acute sensory appreciation of nature, vividly portrayed in this novel.

 The author

Nicole Dargère, originally from France has lived in British Columbia for over thirty years. She has written several successful plays and musical comedies for children. Mystery Valley, her first novel, is the result of almost three years of extensive research and writing.    

 The translator

A native of Scotland, Margaret Wilson Fuller received a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh before immigrating to Vancouver, B.C. There she lived on a forty-five-foot yacht while undertaking a Diploma in Translation and a Master’s degree in French Literature from the University of British Columbia, where she also lectured. In 1995, she moved to Paris where she works as a translator.

Mystery Valley will published in English in 2015




On a balmy, starlit evening a young woman walked swiftly through the dusk toward the lake bordered by the village of Harrison Hot Springs. Gravel crunched beneath her moccasins, and now and then she stepped on a jagged stone and gave a cry of pain. Silhouetted against the moonlight reflecting off the calm surface of the lake, the woman carried a small bundle wrapped in a wool blanket. From the edge of the forest a narrow dirt trail led down to the lakeshore. Stopping for a moment, heart pounding and forehead damp with sweat, she raised a corner of the blanket. The sleeping infant’s small round face lit up with a halfsmile. The baby yawned, gurgled and immediately went back to sleep. Only the sound of water lapping on the shore and the chirping of crickets disturbed the mystical silence of the night. The young woman set out again on an even narrower path eventually reaching a sandy shore surrounded by reeds that swayed gently in the breeze. Casting a quick glance around, the woman took a long, deep breath. She hugged the child to her and rocked it. Then she closed her eyes and for the last time breathed in the fresh milky scent of the sleeping babe. A soft, melodious murmur, a barely audible lament broke the silence:

Nesika papa klaksta mitlite kopa saghalie

Kloshe kopa nesika tumtum mika nem

Kloshe mika tyee kopa konaway tilliku*

The woman laid the tiny bundle in the shelter of a moss covered rock. Nearby, a little spring bubbled to the surface of the water. She continued chanting as she stood up and walked slowly towards the lake. Hastily, she took off her moccasins and undid the ties around her tunic. Head high and arms spread in the shape of a cross, she walked serenely into the warm waters that tightened their grasp on her with each step. Her chant grew louder, her long hair, the colour of mahogany, floated around her face, then the water, eddying slightly on the surface of the lake, closed around her.

In the distance, a small owl hooted.

*Chinook prayer


A dense blue mist shrouded the surface of the water as the haunting cry of a pair of loons echoed across the lake. In the first light of dawn, the white wolves emerged from the forest. Attracted by the scent of fresh prey they advanced carefully, sharpeyed, ears pricked up, their muzzles grazing the ground. The pack approached the shore. One of them sniffed at the abandoned tunic and moccasins on the damp sand. The strongest male dropped behind then climbed onto a rock overlooking the shore. He raised his muzzle skyward and gave a long, plaintive howl. A darkcoloured cub ventured close to the tiny bundle lying on the thick moss of the rock. Two steelyeyed females circled the rock. One of them brushed the damp blanket lightly with her nose. The sunlight grew stronger, penetrating the tops of the trees and casting mysterious shadows on the sand. On the edge of the forest, the branch of a giant conifer fell with a deafening crash. The wolf cub gave a start and began barking. The highpitched sound woke the infant. Barely audible gurgling escaped from the dewcovered blanket. The wolf cub stopped barking and lay down with its nose on the ground. With one leap the male that had stayed behind hurled itself onto its prey. It seized the booty, sinking its fangs into the soft wool. The females rushed at the animal and forced it to let go. The child rolled on the sand crying shrilly.

From out of nowhere, the beast sprang, roaring at the top of its lungs. With a frightening crashing of branches the humanoid creature rushed forward with great strides, knees slightly bent, arms curved, black pointed claws extended. A thick russet coat covered its gigantic frame. Its long hair fell in a tangle to its shoulders. Only its face was not covered in fur. Huge wrinkles spread across the rough skin that resembled the bark of a hundredyearold tree. The white roots of the creature’s russet hair stood out against its high forehead. Its clear, honeycoloured eyes gave it a ferocious moonlike appearance. Its flat blackish nose looked like a huge, grainy mushroom cap. The monstrous mouth revealed a multitude of yellowing square teeth that interlocked when it closed. Surprised by the monster rushing at full speed towards them, the wolves fled hastily into the depths of the northern forest.

The child’s cries echoed off the rocks overlooking the shore. The beast picked up the little bundle and rapidly regained its makeshift raft, a huge tree trunk with its roots exposed floating close to the shore. The animal placed the child in the bottom of a deep cleft in the trunk, pushed the craft out onto the lake and straddled the trunk with its massive thighs. It seized a flat piece of wood and, plunging it into the water, propelled the craft forward till it disappeared into the thick fog shrouding the surface of the lake.

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