Mary Lowery

Mary Lowery was born in Yorkshire and, after moving to London, suffered from Alan Bennett’s vowel disease for several years. Dis-ease of another kind came with what were entrenched traditions that eventually led her to become a teacher and escape to Lebanon. Thus began an uneven avocation as a cultural dabbler and traveller, made possible by nearly thirty years in teaching literature, drama, and theatre arts. Along the way, she learnt to swear in Arabic, English, French, and Gaelic but has little occasion to use them now that she is retired to Salt Spring Island; there she loves being off a schedule and away from the podium, and focussing on the learning side of arts education, particularly on writing. She still dabbles in performance, visual arts, and singing.


Mary Lowery is a dabbler so her writing varies. She has written poetry, poetic prose in short and long forms, opinion pieces as a teacher, factual reports as a union president, text to accompany images, promotional material, and flash fiction. From her, the Federation of BC Writers has accepted one piece of creative non-fiction for publication this year, and another has been short-listed for the same category in the 2014 Literary Writes contest. She is currently working on her first novel but takes time out to dabble in other forms of writing.

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