Liz Forbes


An islander by birth and inclination, I am from Victoria B.C. and now live up island in the seaside community of Crofton, B.C. with my partner Grant Blake Evans.

For years I dreamed of being a writer, avidly reading Canadian writers, specifically Canadian women writers. Any event at our local book store would find me in the front row where I could make eye contact with the visiting author. I asked questions about when they wrote, whether they used pen and paper or typed their draft first. I needed to know this in order to figure out how I could be a writer too.

I wrote; but the shift from wanting to write to needing to write didn’t happen until one day, walking by Volume One Bookstore in Duncan BC, I was seized with the need to have a book of mine in their window. That was the moment I could taste the feeling of accomplishment that writing a book would bring.

My writing life began when I retired and bought my first computer. I am a founding member of the Chemainus Writers and enjoy writing creative non-fiction, journalism and memoir.


  • Chicken Soup For the Soul: Christmas in Canada-published 2014- anthology, ‘Baking on Christmas Eve’.
  • Chicken Soup For the Soul: Reboot Your Life-published 2014- anthology, ‘Finding Me at Fifty’.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada, the Wonders of Winter-published 2013- anthology, ‘Lucy’.
  • Somebody’s Child-Stories About Adoption-published by Touchwood Editions 2011- anthology, ‘Finding Sheila’.
  • Out of the Warmland 3- Ten Old Books published 2011-anthology, ‘Cowichan Winter’.
  • Out of the Warmland 2- Ten Old Books published 2010- anthology, ‘Dynamite Days’.
  • The Oyster Speaks-Chemainus Writers-self published 2005 anthology, various short stories.


  • I am also a columnist for the Chemainus Valley Courier…write a monthly column ‘Crofton Corner’.
  • Previously wrote for the Crofton Connector and Take 5 magazine-Ladysmith BC.
  • I am currently working on two memoirs: one of my early years, ‘Growing Up Weird’, Oak Bay in the 1940’s and 1950’s and a second memoir of my later years, ‘River Tales’, an account of my back to the land hippie life, on the Cowichan River.
  • A member of the Federation of BC Writers from around 2005.
  • Charter member of The Chemainus Writers established 2001
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