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A Scottish-Canadian and retired machinist, Ian Moore-Morrans has lived in various places in Canada since emigrating from Scotland in 1965. Taking up writing at age 63, Ian first published a “how-to” e-book. Since 2004, he has relied on the editing skills of his wife, Gayle, an editor whom he met in Winnipeg. After Gayle’s retirement they left Canada for Mexico and began to collaborate on writing and editing Ian’s stories. In 2007, they settled in British Columbia, publishing a novel in 2010, a memoir in 2012 and a children’s chapter book in 2015. Despite some serious health challenges, they hope to publish more of Ian’s stories in the future.


fiction – action/adventure, time travel (supernatural, fantasy), historical, mystery, children’s middle years (chapter book)

Non-fiction – autobiography, memoir, technical/how-to


Jake, Little Jimmy & Big Louie, Moomor Publishing, 2015, written with Gayle Moore-Morrans

jakeThough written as a chapter book for children, this book will appeal to pet lovers of all ages. It tells the story of Jake, an 11-year-old boy who adopts Little Jimmy, a budgie bird, born without wings. Jake learns to help Little Jimmy live and feel like a very special bird. Later, a rescued baby chick is literally dumped into Jake’s hands. “Thing,” as Jake originally names him, soon insists on his own name, becoming “Louie.” Eventually Big Louie grows into a huge and very smart raven. Though he didn’t want the raven at first, Jake soon realizes that Big Louie has become an important part of the family who comes to the rescue when Little Jimmy gets into dangerous situations. One adventure follows another and the three become fast friends who really love each other. Illustrations are by great-granddaughter Hannah German (then 8 years’ old) (146 words)

From Poverty to Poverty: A Scotsman Encounters Canada. Friesen Press, 2012

povertyMemoir/autobiography. Ian’s Scottish childhood during the depression and war years is spent in abject poverty. Apprenticed to a blacksmith at 14, he begins a lifelong avocation making music. Life improves upon entering the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engine mechanic and bandsman in Britain and Egypt. Returning to civilian life as a machinist, he marries and fathers two daughters. Misled by inflated promises of an unscrupulous Canadian official, Ian and his family immigrate to Canada in 1965. Misadventures in finding and keeping jobs and suitable accommodations lead Ian to conclude that he has only moved “from poverty to poverty.” Will he eventually survive and thrive?   (105 words)

Beyond the Phantom Battle: Mystery at Loch Ashie. Xlibris, 2010

phantom-battleThis tale of adventure, time travel, fantasy, historical fiction and romance moves from the 21st back to the 12th Century when Vikings were invading the Scottish Highlands. The author turns the historical claim by “witnesses” (to have seen a ghostly conflict taking place at Loch Ashie near Inverness) into a tale of twin brothers from Edinburgh traveling there and attempting to witness the battle. Instead they find themselves engulfed in the battle dressed as ancient Highlanders. Intrigues, trials, romance and voyages ensue. Will “Ancient One” or “Aeoh,” a being with both good and evil powers help them return to the 21st Century? Prepare for a surprise ending. (107 words)

Metal Machining Made Easy, Writer’s Exchange Publishing, 2002 (Author’s former name: Ian Morrans)

metalThis “How To” technical book was written for those who may want to learn how to use a small lathe for doing metalwork. It covers the basics of machining steel, showing the process in an easy-to-understand manner without the technical jargon found in machine shop manuals. Everything has been simplified, including all the rules. Chapters include: Safety in the Workshop; Measuring; Layout; Drilling and Tapping; Basic Lathe and Advanced Lathe. The author worked in machine shops for over forty-five years in Scotland and Canada, and also taught theory and practical machining in evening classes. (93 words)

Short story: “The Moonlit Meeting,” first published in El Ojo del Lago magazine in Chapala, Mexico, 2006; now available for reading in its entirety on the author’s website: ianmooremorrans.com

moonlit-meetingFiction – A Scottish teenager encounters a leprechaun while fulfilling a dare to climb “Mad Monte’s Mountain” at night. The leprechaun entices the young man to act against his principles. Though the teenager may suffer the consequences, all turns out right in the end.


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