Coco Aders-Weremczuk


After attaining a BA in Modern Languages and an MA in Communications and Media Technology from UBC, Coco went on to be appointed Vice-President of a film production company in Vancouver.

She wrote and produced scripts, acted in many films shot in Vancouver and for over 10 years had her own column, ‘Anastasia’s Annotations’, published in two international dog magazines.

At the end of 2002 Coco moved to Kamloops where she lives with her family on a cliff near the top of a mountain.

From 2008 -2013 she was on the Board of Directors of the Interior Authors Group and was the photographer for the front and back covers of their last three books.

She has won numerous awards for her photography.

In 2012 Coco joined the Board of Directors of the FBCW first as a Regional Rep and then as Vice President.

As a breeder of champion Russian Wolfhounds (Borzoi) and with happy childhood memories of lazy hazy summer days spent horseback riding at her family’s country home, her writing reflects a deep sense of love for the beauty of nature and for all animals.

A keen observer of human actions and emotions, Coco draws on her personal national and international experiences for inspiration in her writings.

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