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Kathleen Cherry lives in Kitimat, B.C, with her husband and two daughters. She works as a school counsellor at two elementary schools.

Her post-secondary education was completed through the University of Victoria and she has a B.A. in Creative Writing and history and a Masters of Education in counselling.

Kathleen is currently pursuing a doctorate degree through Walden University in counselling psychology. She has an active interest in bibliotherapy and has written several articles about this subject.

As well as writing, Kathleen loves to run, hike, travel and read.


Blowing Bubbles by Kathleen Cherry; illustrated by Jill Quinn Babcock

ISBN 978-0-9879947-0-7

Aaspirations Publishing, December, 2012

Josh and Grandpa George always have fun. They go on excursions! They race go-karts and ride roller coasters. Until one day everything changes… Grandpa George has a stroke. But relationships survive change and Josh learns that his bond with Grandpa George is stronger than ever!

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