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Ben Nuttall-Smith taught Music, Theatre, Art, and Language until he retired in 1991. He now lives in Crescent Beach, near Vancouver B.C.
Past president of the Federation of British Columbia Writers, Ben’s poems and short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and online publications including All That Uneasy Spring ed. Patrick Lane; Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine; Poemata Canadian Poetry Association; Royal City Poets, Silver Bow Publishing, Between Earth and Sky, Silver Bow Publishing, Lucidity, Journal of Verse, Bear House Publishing, Houston, Texas, Cyclamens and Swords on line poetry magazine.



Secrets Kept / Secrets Told. Libros Libertad, 2012
Journey of healing, showing that anyone can heal from abuse and PTSD, offering insight and hope. The story documents a lifetime of running from the debilitating guilt of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Throughout most of his life, Paddy didn’t know why he was running or from what. This autobiographical novel chronicles the journey from silence, to denial, to a healed, healthy, and creative, love relationship.
Accounts are raw and authentic, interspersed with humour and understanding, illustrating that sometimes one must break down to break through and that it is never too late to reclaim a thriving and joyful life.
Blood, Feathers and Holy Men. Libros Libertad, 2011 
This is a story of Quétzalcoatl – a major Toltec, Mayan and Aztec deity, connecting the ancient myth to a Tenth Century European Irish priest, a handful of young monks, two Norsemen, and an Irish slave-girl. En route the reader is treated to the lifestyles of impoverished Irish monks, marauding Vikings, the first nations in a new world and the early civilizations of what would one day become North and Central America.
WhiteEagleCover194x300pxFlying with White Eagle – Ayliffe “Pat” Carey’s experiences – as homesteader, logger and bush pilot – provide an exceptional insight into pioneer life in the first decades of the twentieth century on Canada’s West Coast.  While logging his homestead island in BC’s Fraser Valley, Pat developed a passion for flying, overcoming countless barriers and setbacks, including repairs and alterations to his aircraft. He speaks matter-of-factly, without heroics, about flying missions over mountains and glaciers, often in dangerous weather conditions. He recalls details vividly – taking us with him on his amazing journeys.
Postcards – travel poetry. Silver Bow Publishing, 2013
Poetic travelogue from Haiku to prose poems. A cheerful guide, describes with full painter’s palette: Ireland to Brazil, Italy to Sunshine Coast, BC and more! He shares his honest opinions of injustices, but is avid about the memorable rewards offered by each country as centuries of arts & crafts, music & museums, churches & ruins, seascapes & weather reports, fragrant menus & local characters are shared. Much historical data slides into your memories, urging you also to experience such places. Enjoy his wise assessments and witty asides. Bernice Lever, Poet, Bowen Island, BC Canada
A Moment In Eternity poetry. Silver Bow Publishing, 2013
“At age 80, with a taste for haiku-like imagery, Ben Nuttal-Smith demonstrates the simple truths of poetic observation and the pass of time. Working with traditional form in language that is by turn whimsical, reflective, tender, he charts the heartbeat of loved, familiar places, of eros, and of life’s everyday sacraments.” – Trevor Carolan, Author, Poet, North Vancouver, BC Canada
Henry Hamster Esquire
An illustrated story for children
ISBN 978-0-9865938-1-923 pages 10” X 8” with 24 Colour Illustrations Glossy Saddle Stitch Book
Henry Hamster is snatched from his cage by Ginger, the family cat. The adventures that follow include further pursuit by Ginger, an unwitting rescue by Jeremy, the German Shepherd, meeting a rat named Reginald Repulsive and a grass snake that eats mice.
The story ends happily when Henry is found by his master, Billy, in the garden tool shed.
Grandpa’s Homestead an Illustrated Haiku Storybookunnamed
28 pages 14cm X 11 cm. coil bound glossy. ISBN 978-0-9865938-8-8 available from the author.




Voice and Performance Skills Workshop
Part One: (40 minutes) Through a proven set of simple, enjoyable exercises, you’ll learn to relax, develop your voice and increase your power of projection.
This workshop will present the primary and most important lesson from a full series of exercises for helping you to become a more dynamic and relaxed speaker.
Posture and diaphragm control are the basic elements for projection. In this forty-minute session, you will learn the secret of relaxation and triple the power of your delivery. You will also be given handouts for further work at home.
Part Two will focus on how to read your written words in an engaging way to transform your poetry/book reading into an event (or poem) to be remembered. The workshop will present many different strategies and practical advice on: selecting the best poems/stories to read out loud, breaking through nerves/anxiety and knowing/targeting your audience,
There will be an opportunity for everyone to practice, and share their readings with the group.
Voice & Performance Skills

From Memoir to Novel involves hands on exercises in writing scenes from personal experience and translating them into story material. This workshop will help you with your own fiction or nonfiction novel .
Memoir To Novel

The Secrets of Selling Your Story: How to persuade a publisher to publish your book. Convince readers to select it. Learn the secrets of Synopsis, Elevator Speech & Query Letter.
Selling Your Story

What is a Synopsis?
Learn the steps to prepare for that all-important meeting with a publisher or agent. What will he or she be looking for in you – the author? Learn what will be expected of you once your manuscript is accepted. Learn who and what to avoid.

You too can Write Poetry
Helping novices and experienced poets alike discover the excitement of writing poetry from everyday experiences.

Creating Chapbooks
Chapbooks are a legitimate form of publication. Whether you intend to print and assemble your own chapbook or prepare a manuscript for a commercial printer, I invite you to learn from my own experience in producing eight different chapbooks – from the regular 8 ½” X 5 ½” B & W to the 10” X 8” glossy illustrated children’s book, to an affordable 5” X 4” coil-bound booklet to get the best deal from a printer company.

In this hands-on workshop you will discover how to plan your pages, format left facing and right facing pages  and insert colour illustrations, photographs and promotional material. You will also discover how to obtain an ISBN number and sales barcode.

Learn how to produce an attractive booklet of your own poetry; “Grandma’s War”; “My Years With the R.C.A.F.”; “The Feeding and Training of a Husband”; “Adventures in Acryllics”; “Mexico on a Shoestring”; – that publication you’ve always dreaded as too momentous a task.

This workshop will provide you with a mock-up of your own chapbook, ready to go to work with computer, printer, paper-cutter and stapler.



The Surrey Board of Trade Special Achievement Award for for work as a writer and for service to the writing community, 2011

Life Membership – Federation of BC Writers. for “For his selfless dedication and countless volunteer hours to the community of BC writers.”, 2013

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