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Janice Notland
Dreams Laid Down‘, Janice Notland’s first book of poetry was published in 2012. This collection was inspired by her life in a rural home outside of Nelson, British Columbia. While her love of nature infuses all of her work, the poems in this book range from the intensely personal and introspective to outpourings of universal joy. Her keen-eyed observation of the everyday and the extraordinary evoke memorable images.

‘While reading through Notland’s collection, Dreams Laid Down, I was particularly drawn to her crystal clear forms, the many vivid and compelling images, and to the large variety of sentiment.’ – composer Michael Karmon, Writing for Guitarists. Article from

(Canadian guitarist, Alan Rinehart, commissioned Michael Karmon to compose music based on Janice Notland’s poems.) ‘Janice writes with the voice of one who has a deep connection with nature. She knows not only each individual tree, but the light which passes through it.’  – Ellen Burt, Elephant Mountain Online.

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Dreams Laid Down

To view samples of the poetry from ‘Dreams Laid Down‘, go to www.littlewhitepublishing/

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