NEWS: Christine Lowther wins first Rainy Coast Arts Award

Christine Lowther

Fed member Christine Lowther has won the first Rainy Coast Arts Award for Significant Accomplishment, a new award from the Pacific Rim Arts Society.

Said the tribute to Lowther:

This Tofino artist has kept at her craft for decades, sometimes against substantial obstacles. She often embodies the quintessential starving artist, scrambling in the winters for house-sits, dog-sits, cat-sits, even fish-sits, and her summers living, mostly alone, in a floathouse steeped in the wildness of a quiet bay, absorbing the nature she loves and writes about so well.

All the while she works away, largely unsung, following her own sometimes peculiar Muse. She is an unabashed uber-fan of Star Trek and Harry Potter … and also punk bands like D.O.A. and everything Scottish (especially ale).

She has produced a significant body of work — usually with significant artistic angst — and has steadily pushed her craft and expanded her range. Her poems have appeared on transit in Vancouver and in literary magazines across the nation. She has published three well received books of poetry, edited two anthologies focusing on artistic life in our region, and appeared in many others.

Her newest book, Born Out of This (launched just two weeks ago), is a characteristically eclectic mix of autobiography, nature writing, humour, obscure quotations, activism and punk.

She has been an ardent champion of the Clayoquot literary scene for decades. She is one of the estimated six people in Canada who still read copious amount of poetry. She is also overdue for local recognition, so it is with great pleasure that we award the first  annual Rainy Coast Arts Award for Significant Accomplishment to a true West Coast character — poet, author, editor, activist and feminist, our own Christine Lowther.

More about Christine Lowther

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