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Stefano Mazzega

Rants, flash and short stories with dark humour or an eerie edge, Stefano has been honing his writing skills for the past couple of years. He recently achieved success with his first two publications and recognition in the BC Federation’s short fiction contest. He brings his skills and experiences as a forensic scientist to the craft of writing, giving his work a unique perspective.

Soon to be retiring after over 30 years as a Forensic Scientist, for the past couple of years I have been exploring “what comes next”. Like so many other I have returned to my earliest desire – to become a writer when I grow up. In the past two years I have grown (with the help of my writer’s group) from a fledgling scribbler to my first two short story publications. Short stories reflect not only my developmental level as a writer, but my true passion in prose (and a true reflection of my inconstant nature; easily bored and always anxious to move on to the next best thing).

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