MarvaMARVA K. BLACKMORE is an editor, storyteller, and writer.
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She has told stories internationally and at venues across Canada including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She brings a long and varied life experience to her storytelling – be it her personal stories, historical tales, epic renderings, folk and fairy tales, or literary stories.  She has delighted audiences at festivals, coffee houses and on concert stages.

She is currently the Past President of the Storytellers of Canada, and also belongs to the Mid-Island StoryTellers in Parksville/Qualicum Beach as well as the Around Town Tellers in Nanaimo.  

She teaches courses in Storytelling and also in Memoir Writing Using Storytelling Techniques. She edits fiction and memoirs for local area authors.  She also produces self-published e-books and hard-copy books for local authors under the banner of her own publishing company, Weaver of Words Publishers.

Workshops Offered

“Telling Your Story”
A Memoir Writing Workshop

A six-week workshop offered on six consecutive afternoons for three hours

Using the time-honored techniques utilized by storytellers around the world, I work with the participants to apply those techniques to their stories.  I help them unleash their stories and capture them on paper. Once the stories begin to flow, I then show the participants ways to organize those stories to begin to create a memoir.

I offer a wide variety of storytelling and writing workshops including

  • Memoir Writing for All Ages
  • Introduction to Storytelling
  • Engaging Your Listener:  Creating the Dramatic Arc in Your Story
  • Finding the Core of Your Story
  • Exploring the Hidden Storytelling Skills


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