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Sita-Rani Macmillan

I had always wanted to write. I remember looking at words on my paintings and thinking how interesting…when linked together they create something. They create a form of communication from me to the world.

I began journal writing when I was 10years old. I received a blue journal with a chestnut coloured horse with a white diamond marked forehead. This beautiful little blue journal had a brass coloured lock on it with two keys. How exciting.

I completed my B.A. in American History (I wrote in all sorts of journals; mostly about my relationships). I completed my B.Ed. with little writing. I was too busy getting lost in the world. Only when I was ruled by fear would I write.

Then I transformed this once again…graduate school. I had an amazing mentor, Dr. Carl Leggo, and wonderful writing companions. I wrote. I wrote my heart out. I told my story. I told my story through many medias. I connected more than ever to my story.

It, afterall, is who I am.

Now, I facilitate journal writing workshops. I am most interested in how one can re/connect to the spiritual and emotional self through exploring story.

I work with dialogue writing, free-write, list writing, imagery writing, and personal narratives. These exercises can be done through photography, drawing, music, and the written word.

My philosophy is balance in the emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual self. This comes from the Indigenous teachings of North Americans called the Medicine Wheel (Although, not all Aboriginal people teach or believe in these teachings). The Medicine Wheel shows how interconnected we all are to all things.

I aim to help people find their whole self through balancing the four directions. And, through our stories we can!



The Heart of Journaling –
Writing our Way Home

My workshops are loosely based on the traditional teachings of the Medicine Wheel (emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual); which has been used since time immemorial with many Indigenous cultures around the world.

We will explore the stories and words in a gentle way as I incorporate the use of imagery and silent walks into the writing practice. I can use guided meditation, medicine wheel teachings and creative journaling making as well! I adapt for the group needs.

Although I may have plans in the beginning it may change as we develop our stories and voices throughout the workshop. I follow the flow of the group and lead with writing techniques that may help in exploring the stories we have within.

I have presented this workshop on numerous occasions for over three years and have heard quite a bit of positive feedback from attendees.
They often feel more confident with their writing, have safe writing techniques to explore their stories with, and are provided with numerous writing starters to assist when they feel a writing block.

At the end of each workshop we will do a closing circle to talk about the experiences and share what has been written.

Some places I have facilitated:

BC Childrens Hospital, Vancouver
Helping Spirit Lodge Society, Vancouver
Great Moon Gathering, Ft. Albany
The Grind Writers Group, Vancouver
Marymound School, Manitoba

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