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2017 Summer Contest:

Winner of the 2017 Summer Contest: Nonetheless – Romney Grant! Congratulations!

Short List for the 2017 Summer Contest:

What a Croc! – P.C. Vandall
Nonetheless – Romney Grant
Evacuated – Vanessa Winn
It Won’t Last – Carol Garvin
Security Line – Anne Hopkinson
Slip Sliding Away – Neil McKinnon
Sole Survivor – Virginia McKinnon
Shoreline – Karin Hedetniemi






2017 Literary Writes Contest:

Winner: Postcards & Prose: Bench Canoes of the Salish Sea – Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki,

Winner: Creative Non-Fiction: Mr. JR Pickwell – Annie Siegel

Honorable Mention: Postcards & Prose: Wiley Ho – One Fifty 



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