Like a Child to Home

Dear Friends,

On this mid-October morning, I thought I would touch base and bring you up to date on my modest journey as an author. It is a slow climb to get the word out about a self-published book but I have always enjoyed taking my time to get somewhere. My website and blog is a reasonable barometer of my activities as writer and author.

I have my book in a few bookstores and on November 9th, I will be in Richmond at Lansdowne Centre attending the Raindance Festival for Independent Authors.   I have never actually sat in the middle of a mall before and exhibited myself. I am sure it will be an exhilarating experience. Black Bond Books at Lansdowne Centre is one of the sponsors of this Festival, along with Frontier College, which is a CUSO like Canadian organization  I once volunteered with back in the late 1960s. I should note that this Festival has a couple of $10 workshops in the morning and as part of my attendee package, I have a number of 1é2 price tickets if any one is in writing mode themselves.

The response to my novel from those who are unfamiliar with social work has been very positive. In two weeks, I will attend one of the numerous book clubs on Denman. This particular group has chosen my book to read and I will be grilled by them on November 5th. I hope to escape unscathed, but we will see.

For those of you who have read Like a Child to Home, I hope it didn’t disappoint. If it did, I can only say that I tried to straddle the real world I knew with sufficient fictionalization to tell a story as freely as I could.

Have a great October, friends.


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