Legal Shenanigans by York U

Update on York University Legal Process: Toronto, ON – September 5, 2013

[What is Access Copyright?  it pays authors and publishers for their work that is used by organizations such as universities and other schools.  A number of schools are baulking at paying…]

In early April 2013 Access Copyright launched a lawsuit against York University. Embarked on only as a last resort, it alleges that York’s purported fair dealing guidelines authorize and encourage copying that is not supported by the law.

As anticipated, Access Copyright has now received a statement of defence and counter claim from York University. We are committed to, and respectful of, the process that is before the courts and as such, Access Copyright will not be drawn into discussing the specifics of the case.

What Canadians Need to Know

We believe it’s important that all Canadians understand that essential cultural values and educational principles are at stake. Together, we all must ensure that in our country, writers keep writing, publishers keep publishing great content so teachers and learners have what they need, when they need it.   Teaching, learning, writing and publishing are symbiotic. Making it easy for people to use content at their convenience and enabling payment back to creators and publishers continues to be at the heart of all we do at Access, as we all meet our digital future together. Here are the facts:

  • Access Copyright is the collective voice of creators and publishers in Canada. We also exist to serve the inter-connected interests of those who read, teach and learn from our rich repertoire of content.
  • We are a non-profit, national organization and we represent more than 11,000 Canadian creators and publishers, and their copyright-protected work. Through agreements with sister organizations around the world we also represent the works of hundreds of thousands of foreign creators and publishers.
  • The rich repertoire of content is highly valued, particularly by educators and students. We license the copying of this repertoire to educational institutions, businesses, governments and others.

The proceeds gathered when content is copied, remixed and shared are passed along to the copyright-holders; these investments help to ensure the continued creation of new and innovative work.

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