Thinking about becoming an FBCW Member? There are so many reasons to join!

If you don’t need any convincing, then simply sign up here, and use the code BCBW to get 20% off your membership for the first year!

If you still aren’t sure, read on, or to learn more.


The Federation of BC Writers has nearly 700  members in every genre, at every stage of the literary journey. We’re expanding faster than ever before and are consistently adding member benefits and community projects. We offer programs & events, publication venues, news, a searchable directory for members, promotional opportunities, and a network of dedicated colleagues for you to connect with:

WordWorks Magazine – A literary publication distributed to members and beyond. As well as being a showcase for members writing, WordWorks is written ‘for writers, about writing.”

Literary Writes – Prizes and recognition; a great contest that invites creativity, and grows and changes a bit every year. If there is to be an entry fee, members will get a reduced or waived rate.

WriteON eNews – A biweekly update about what’s going on for writers in BC.

Members Directory – Hosted on the FBCW website so you can connect with other members and beyond.  Members can log in and update information at their convenience. Profiles are indexed and searchable by category, genre, services, workshops, locations and more.

Member Classifieds – Writers offering services and workshops to other writers can advertise in WordWorks Magazine. Synergy plus!

Programs, Workshops & Events – The FBCW supports and runs programs, workshops, and events throughout BC. Members are often eligible for reduced rates

Advocacy – We live in a rapidly changing world; writers in BC need an organization that speaks to them and for them.

Community – The guiding principle of the Fed is ‘writers helping writers’. By bringing members together in a ‘community of writers’ we build synergy and create opportunities for writers to share experiences and skills.

Join BC’s ‘community of writers at a discounted rate of 20% today! Just enter discount code BCBW.

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