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Margo Hearne

Margo has been a member of the Federation of BC Writers since 2000.
She has over 200,000 words in print in Canada.
Her writing has appeared in Peter Gzowski’s Morningside Papers, the national Audubon Society’s magazine and others.
She writes for the local papers and has her own column “masset tidings” in the weekly ‘Haida Gwaii Observer’.
She has participated in ‘Off-the-page’ presentations at George M. Dawson high school in Masset.
Was featured in ‘wordworks’ in 2005 with dorothy spiller and our ‘lit-crit’ group.
Her bird book “small birds cling to bare branches – nesting songbirds of haida gwaii ” was featured in wordworks in 2006 as a ‘new member publication’.
Her photographs have appeared in many publications, including her own ‘blog’ www.haidagwaiibirds.com
Contact: Margo  

Irish-born Margo Hearne settled in Masset in 1974 and fished for 19 years aboard the troller/gillnetter Lady Julia, keeping bird records while at sea. Having written columns on birds and fish for local papers, she used her communication skills to help raise more than $1 million to build a bridge to restore the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary to its original estuarine status in 1995.
As executive Director of the Delkatla Sanctuary Society, she also raised $350,000 to build the Nature Centre at Delkatla in Masset.
Her self-published, fully illustrated book “Small Birds Cling to Bare Branches: Nesting Songbirds of Haida Gwaii” was published in 2006. This is the first ever songbird book about the songbirds of Queen Charlotte Islands. Masset resident Janetta Pirt did the illustrations.
Her self-published, fully illustrated children’s book “Birds at Risk, A Haida Gwaii Introduction” came out in 2011 and copies were given to schools on island. Masset resident Dejah-Lee Busch did the illustrations.
In the 1970’s she worked with the Island’s Protection Society for the protection of fish and fish habitat. She was the administrator of the Society for three years and raised the level of awareness regarding the use of pesticides and herbicides and their affects on the bird life of the islands.
She appeared at many public hearings, including the offshore oil and gas hearings in the early 1980’s, brought appeals before the Pesticide Appeal Board, the Pearse Commission, the Offshore Oil and Gas Commission and others, including the Enbridge hearings in 2012. She continues to work for the protection of the wildlife and wildlife habitat of Haida Gwaii.
She was a Councillor for the Village of Masset for three years in the early 80’s and chair of the Delkatla Sanctuary Society for six years. During that time she developed signage, viewing towers and trails in the sanctuary.
For three years in the mid-1990s she was a board member of the QCI Health Care Society, and was chair of the board. She worked for the construction of a new health care facility in Masset and negotiated the property between Masset and Old Massett where the new Health Care Facility is now built.
Margo visits the schools regularly and talks to the children about the importance of having the freedom to write, about birds and about the environment. She gives talks at the Nature Centre and does nature walks around the Sanctuary.
She assists injured birds, talk to residents about them and write articles in the local papers about them. Through her work and that of her husband, Peter Hamel, there is new knowledge and understanding of Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and its importance in the biosphere.
She and her husband, Peter Hamel work out of their home in Masset on Haida Gwaii off Canada’s north west coast.

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