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    jacoba vB

    Has anyone locally published with Amazon? Any challenges you wish to share? I am editing my first draft and wondering if there is anything I need to avoid! Thanks!

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    Hi Jacoba,
    I’ve published 15 books. I sell books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes and other retailers. The majority of my sales come from Amazon – like most authors. The process of uploading a file to KDP and CreateSpace (the ebook portal and paperback portal respectively) are relatively straight forward. Most of the things that I can think of that you want to avoid are problematic ebook features like footnotes and things like that. If you are writing a fiction novel, many of the problem points you won’t run into. I’m happy to answer specific questions if you have them.


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      Hi Barb
      Congratulations on writing and publishing 15 books and figuring out how to access other venues. Impressive! Just wondering if the Amazon books looked and felt the way you had hoped? Did you pay the $33.99 monthly fee or the 99 cents for each sale and how did you decide which to choose? Did you get a tax number with the IRS and was it a tedious process? Did you choose the auto fix file to match the book trim? I am currently editing my non fiction book and this is all new to me. Thanks so much! Jacoba

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    Marie-Claude Arnott

    Hi Jacoba – Maybe Barb is very busy and will respond later. I am interested in her answers, too. I am looking at options for a memoir.

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    jacoba vB

    Hi Marie-Claude
    Just to encourage you re Amazon. I wasted time with a lot of reading re the tax info. In retrospect just hit the contact info on the member dashboard and they will send you an answer by email or phone. They called me immediately and my problem was resolved easily. All the best!

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