Craft of Writing


The first bullet in the Federation of BC Writers Purpose Statement declares the organization’s role ‘promoting excellence and professionalism in the literary arts in British Columbia’.

Under the Craft of Writing heading you will find a growing collection of resources intended to promote that goal. One of the most important ways we can improve is by sharing. With about 500 members, the FBCW is in fact one of the largest talent pools in the province. So have a look at the menu item next door, Meet Our Members, and check out the skills and services offered. There’s bound to be someone in the Fed who can answer questions or brainstorm an idea.

Or you can check to see if there’s a writer’s group in your area aligned with your interests. Writers groups are a great way of sharing skills and testing them out. They can also become a network of supportive friends, who will encourage you to keep on going when you need it.

Then there’s Word Works Magazine and the list of resources writers can access online. If you have any suggestions for additions to the Craft of Writing section, please let us know.

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