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CLAIRE HITCHON is a retired R.N., a writer/author, musician, photographer, adoptee and practicing Buddhist living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Her many years as an R.N. specializing in Psychiatry, were spent peeling back the layers of other’s traumas. This led to her own journey of discovery and the writing of two memoirs; FINDING HEART HORSE, Memoir of Survival and THE WALL OF SECRETS, Memoir of The Almost Daughter

Escaping from an abusive home at age 15 and running away to the popular Hippie Village, Yorkville in Toronto, led to even more disastrous life events, many nearly taking her life.
At the age of fifty, she found her real mother, her real family. Several years later she discovered her biological father.

Since finding her biological family she discovered that her lifelong health difficulties were, in fact, progression of disease that escalated with each trauma. A Rare Mast Cell Disease was diagnosed.

A fighter and survivor, Claire continues to advocate for adoptees and street youth and continues to write as the story continues.

What started out as a journey in transformative writing ended up with two memoirs published and a great deal of personal healing accomplished.

FINDING HEART HORSE: Memoir of Survival is my journey of Adoption gone wrong. I go from being a classical pianist planning on being a physician “the girl most likely to succeed” to a 15yr old runaway living on the streets of Yorkville in the late 60’s.

Every imaginable trauma was experienced as I searched for where I belonged, where I fit in, where I thought I would find love. Horses, especially my imaginary Heart Horse play an important part in my survival.
Finding Heart Horse won First Prize in Hay House Non-Fiction in 2013

THE WALL OF SECRETS: Memoir of The Almost Daughter is the continuation of my journey of searching. I find my biological family in 2003, which brings me to Vancouver Island from Ontario in 2005. The many unexpected twists and turns of a reunion bring me to a point of complete collapse, physically and emotionally.

I discovered I have suffered a lifelong Rare Mast Cell disease, which escalated with each trauma experienced. The reunion brought me the information to put the puzzle pieces together and also the stress pushed my mast cells into the abyss.

I had planned after retirement as an R.N. to work with Street Kids never imagining the journey I would take to get to a place where I would be doing just that only in a different way. These books hold my story inside of the covers. It had lived inside of me, tortured me, nearly destroyed me and now, my heart is open, my spirit free.

FINDING HEART HORSE and THE WALL OF SECRETS are books of hope for anyone who has experienced trauma, grief, loss, and pain. They are for the kids on the street whose stories are similar to mine. They are for all of us. They are books of hope.

A portion of the proceeds from these books goes directly to Covenant House, Vancouver.

There is always hope.
Inside each one of us we have everything we need.
Sometimes, all we need is someone to believe.

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