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D’Eon is a writer who lives in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. His writing pursuits have been forged largely in the fires of live theatre where, for thirty years, he has participated, as an actor, director and playwright. Four of his stage plays have been produced locally and one in St. John’s, Newfoundland. During the last two decades d’Eon has also produced more than a dozen original radio dramas plus radio adaptations of famous classical scripts like Oedipus Rex and Macbeth. D’Eon wrote or adapted all of the scripts, did all the sound mixing and took on acting roles in the productions. All of d’Eon’s radio dramas were broadcast locally on Kootenay Co-op Radio. A few received additional airing on NPR stations in Minneapolis and Santa Fe. In recent years d’Eon has focused his attention more and more on fiction, and his short stories and poetry can be found in a variety of publications. Most recently he has completed two novel manuscripts and is working on a third.

D’Eon’s radio play “407 Arachne” won the 1998 Mark Time Award. His short story “Sun Dancers” was winner of the 2009 Okanagan Short Story Contest. In 2011 his story “Badlands” won the fiction prize in the Kootenay Literary Competition. In 2013 his novella “Eta Carinae” was published an ebook by Vagabondage Press and is widely available on the Web. D’Eon’s short fiction can be found in various anthologies: Winners’ Circle Eight and Nine, 2001; Horsefly, 2010; The New Orphic Review 2014, 2015; poetry in: Oval Victory, 2002; Open Window IV, 2005 and the Elephant Mountain Review, 2014. D’Eon is very interested in collaborating in radio drama projects. He has worked as a voice actor for and is known for his slick and funny short promotional pieces.

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