I am the Executive Director of the FBCW.

Nanaimo Poet Laureate Says Goodbye

Inaugural Nanaimo poet laureate Naomi Beth Wakan is about to wrap up her three-year term. The city has not found anyone to replace her yet – perhaps not surprising because while Naomi may be an octogenarian, she is a dynamo of style and energy and will be a hard act…

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Guest Post: Copyright

Copyright is widely recognized but what it really means in terms of legal ownership and what you can do with anything that is subject to copyright, is often subject to a whole host of basic misconceptions, not to mention the odd urban legend or two. This Ultimate Guide to Copyright…

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Canada Council for the Arts Funding- Notes on Presentation

Canada Council for the Arts Presentation New Funding Model 10 August 2016 – VPL Fouad Matar, fouad.matar@canadacouncil.ca Organized by Carol Shaben, The Writers Union, cnshaben@gmail.com Highlights: Writers are able to access funding in two ways: Indirect support – funding is given to literary organizations and collectives, along with publishers who…

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