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The Federation of BC Writers Annual General Meeting is nearly upon us:

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 Activities & Workshops | Blue Pencil Sessions | Accommodations & Meals | Constitution
One on One Agent Meetings | Carpooling IncentivesProxy Voting | Notice to Readers

The FBCW’s 2016 AGM will be held in Roberts Creek BC, at the Linwood House, Roberts Creek Elementary, and at The Gumboot Cafe from May 20th to 22nd this year. Unlike years past, we’ve opted to make the AGM free for members this year. Non-members are welcome to join in workshops and events, at $10.00 for each event.  We recommend all attending to reserve their place on the ferry as soon as possible, as this small communities ferry fills up fast.

One of the central themes of this year’s AGM will Marketing–yourself, your writing, and how the Federation markets itself. Every region has it’s own unique perspective to bring to our annual gathering, and the Federation is going out of its way to make it possible for those points of view to make it to Summerland, by:

  • Planning travel incentives that will make it more affordable for members from outside the host region to attend;
  • Reminding members who cannot attend the AGM that they can give proxy votes to fellow members, who will be attending.

Activities & Workshops

  • Friday May 20th
    4:30 PM:  Meet and Greet at Linwood House , with appies*. Bring your own wine.
    7:00 PM:  Literary Cabaret and Dinner at Gumboot Cafe.
  • Saturday May 21st
    Linwood House:
    8:30 AM:  Breakfast*
    10:00 AM:  Trena White – Getting Traditionally Published: What sort of Hocus Pocus does it take, & is it worth it?
    11:00 AM:  One on One Sessions with Trena White- e-mail to pre-register. Members only. Free.
    12:15 PM:  Lunch*
    1:00 PM: Jennifer Manuel – Tools for Deep Revisions
    2:30 PM:  Rachel McMillen- Building a Mystery
    3:30 PM:  FBCW AGM
    5:30 PM:  Informal meeting of new board of directors
    6:30 PM:  Dinner * Bring your own wine
    7:30 PM:  Informal Evening
    Gibsons Public Library:
    10:00 AM: George Opacic, Copyright
    11:00 AM: Caitlin Hicks, Being an INDY author: SMALL PUBLISHER Pros & Cons

    from Query to Contract to Promo to Backlist – Tips to creating a successful book with an Indy Publisher  with Caitlin Hicks
  • Sunday May 22nd
    8:30 AM:  Breakfast at Linwood House*
    10:00 AM: Jennifer Manuel, on how to put together Blue Pencil Sessions
    11:00 AM: George Opacic, on Privacy Issues
    12:15 PM: Lunch for Board Members
    1:00 PM: Formal Meeting of New Board

*Meals are free for guests of Linwood House only

Accommodations and Meals:

The Linwood House is now fully booked. To be put on the cancellation list, please email  Gwen McVicker .  People not residing at the Inn can still join in on the meals– please email Gwen to reserve a spot at the table. (Breakfast $12.00, Lunch $15.00, Dinner $25.00)

Other accommodations are available in the area as well:
Cedars Inn Hotel (13 minute drive)
Stephens Creek Guesthouse (8 minute drive)
Huckleberry Cottage (8 minute drive)
Sand and Sea Cottage (8 minute drive)
Discovery Place Retreat (8 minute drive)
Blue Sky Motel (9 minute drive)
Sunnycrest Motel (14 minute drive)

Annual General Meeting Notes:

Proxy Voting – Of course we’re all hoping members will be able to be there in person and participate in the decision-making of their organization on-the-spot. But there is a next-best thing for those of you who can’t make it.
If you know another person who is attending, and feel they can vote for on your behalf, then e-mail or go here to download the PDF proxy form, and send it back via email by Tuesday May 17th at 6 pm.

Blue Pencil Sessions – These will be available throughout the weekend. Space is limited, so please email to register before May 13th. Writing requested ahead of time. Up to 3 pages of writing accepted.  All welcome, no charge for members OR non-members.

Jennifer Manuel has achieved acclaim for her short fiction. Her novel, The Heaviness of Things That Float, has been called a “remarkable novel deeply of our time and place” by the Vancouver Sun. Jennifer has mentored writers from all around the world and for the past three years has been a TA for Sarah Selecky’s The Story Intensive. Calgary writer Susan Carpenter states that Jennifer’s “thoughtful and supportive manner combined with her extensive knowledge makes her the best mentor I have had on my writing journey.”

Blue Pencil Time Slots (30 minutes each)

5:15 PM, 5:45 PM

8:45 AM, 9:15AM, 5:30 PM, 6:00 PM


One-on-One Meetings with an Agent –  These sessions will be available to members only from 11 AM to 12 PM on Saturday. They will be 5-10 minutes each, depending on registration. Please email to pre-register. Members only. Free.

Proposed Draft Motions – The Federation of BC Writers’ Board wants to hear your thoughts on the motions that might be considered at the AGM. As soon as we have them for you, we will place a link here to a page where you can read through them.

The Federation of BC Writers thinks green –

BC is a big place. That’s why the Federation of BC Writers wants to make it affordable for members attending the AGM to get to Roberts Creek in an environmentally responsible way.

The Fed will compensate on fuel costs for one vehicle coming to the host region from each of the other regions in BC, provided there are between two and four members sharing the ride, and all attend the AGM May 21st from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.

See details below. To find out more, contact Shaleeta Harper,

Compensation for fuel will be paid using a consumption rate of 6.1 litres per 100 kilometres with fuel priced at $1.20 per litre, and based on the shortest trip length as measured by Google Maps from the driver’s home to Summerland BC.

So if you’re thinking of coming to Roberts Creek, for what is sure to be a great meeting, get some fellow members on board and get some excellent rebates.

Notice to Readers

Here is a downloadable link to our Notice To Reader financial review for 2015: Boyd-Notice To Reader


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