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A.S. Penne has worked as a pizza joint waitress, a fruit picker, a Greek math word processing specialist (really), and a law firm receptionist.  Her view of the world has been shaped by living at various times in Montreal, Montpellier (France), London, Sacramento, Glasgow and Gloucestershire.  

Penne has an MFA from UBC’s Department of Creative Writing and has been a participant at both the Iowa Writers Workshop and the Banff Writing Studio.  She is the author of two books and numerous fiction and nonfiction works published in literary journals, periodicals and anthologies.  An excerpt from her literary nonfiction book, Old Stones (TouchWood Editions, Victoria, 2002) was shortlisted for the Western Magazine Awards and several stories from the short fiction collection, Reckoning (Turnstone Press, Winnipeg, 2008), have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic, including the UK’s acclaimed Ian St James Award and the USA’s Writers’ Digest award.  She has been a finalist in CBC’s Canada Writes (2013) and the Women’s Playwrites International competition (Sweden, 2012).   

Currently at work on a novel as well as researching documents for a second creative nonfiction project, Penne also facilitates the Halfmoon Bay Writers Workshop on BC’s Sunshine Coast.


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Penne, A.S.:  Selected Publications (cont’d)

Towards a Deregulation of Education, The Vancouver Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 1, Vancouver, B.C. 1992

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A Tenderfoot’s Guide to the West Coast Trail, Explore, July/August 1987.



The Progress of Night:  When a mother abandons her children, is it morality or fear that governs social response?  Extrapolating from Hilary Clinton’s infamous statement that “It takes a village to raise a child,” this novel challenges the premise that parents alone are responsible for raising the next generation.  

Family Plot:  a collection of linked creative nonfiction essays and stories from the days of early settlement on Vancouver Island and the Fraser River.  



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